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It's Our Passion
Curiosity is one of my biggest strengths.

When I was young, I was fascinated with watching people build and fix things.  What always stuck with me is that if you really want to fix something, you need to dismantle it, see the parts, figure out what they do, and ensure they work together properly -- that with determination, patience and the right tools, anything can be made to work again.

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Years later, I started at one of the top veterinary schools in Canada, hoping to get accepted into the program.  I spent my summers working computer related jobs, and during the school year worked for the University's Computing and Communications Services department helping students in residence get connected to the Internet, which was in its infancy.  Within months, I'd completed more successful connections than all of the other installers combined and was subsequently given any of the complex installs that came up -- the fearlessness and determination that I'd grown up with enabled me to dig in, until things worked. 

It wasn't long afterward that I accepted that computing technology would be my future.

Though I've worked in a variety of technology areas, I'm most proud of my success in resolving critical problems, developing an understanding of the root cause and subsequently helping others to learn and understand as well.

Mostly grown up now, I haven't outgrown the childhood curiosity and sense of accomplishment taking things apart, the resilience and patience of not giving up, and trying again when at first it doesn't work, or the fulfillment of seeing all of the pieces come together and work.  

My experience and passion for technology continues to foster those childhood traits into a unique set of skills that I love to share and offer through my business.


When I'm not working, I live in the Toronto, Canada area with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cars, way too many cameras, even more computers and one, beautiful better half!


Adrian Chung

Chief Problem Solver

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